About Me

Let's Get Acquainted

Hi you!!! :) 

Thank you for heading over here!

I'm just going to do a little intro here for those who don't know me. My name's Menna El Fakahany. I'm a 23-year-old Egyptian wife and a mama to my little precious sulley. I'm an AUC (American University in Cairo) alumnus. I graduated with a major in Business Marketing and a minor in Graphic Design.

Ever since I had a private account (on instagram and snapchat), I had a thing for blogging and creating content. It was for fun at the time, but has now become my job and hobby at the same exact time (which I'm SUPER grateful for).  

My blogging journey began on my 22nd birthday (October 2018). I was going through a rough time and my sister (who has blogged for around 7 years of her life- by the way she's awesome, go give her a follow @zeinaelfakahany on Instagram - she nagged me into creating a creative space for myself, claiming it would take my mind off of things) and boy was she right! My blog took off on instagram and ever since, more and more of you guys have joined my online family and I've loved every second of it. Not only did it help take my mind off of things at the time, but it spiraled into something bigger and better than I had imagined. I grew so much this year (as a blogger and as a person) and have so much planned out for its future! (stay tuned for that hehe)

I know you might be wondering why launch an actual website blog if I already have an instagram blog (ok I know you weren't wondering, just play along lol). 

The thing is, if you have been following me for a while, you know I have my occasional deep rants, thoughts and long-captioned posts... and THIS is what I actually love to do. I love to write. I love to express how I feel in writing and instagram didn't really support much writing as I would've liked, hence why we're here hehe. 

Also, anyone who's been following along for a while, would know that the only reason I stay sane and am able to overcome whatever situation I'm in, is my ability and urge to look at the positive and bright side, ALWAYS. Hence, why I named my website blog  "cup of positivitea" :)

I've brainstormed a ton for content for this blog and will let you guys in on a little sneak peak.

I'm planning on writing details about my honeymoon trip (to help any new couple with the planning process), I plan on sharing my birth story, my tips and tricks that I've collected and mastered over the years, and SO MUCH MORE!

So again, thank you SO much for coming on here and STAY TUNED.

So much love xx

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